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We ensure your mobility in the event of damage.

Our Replacement Service

Customized Cars

Build your own car for rent.

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Composing and renting your dream car

Compose your car according to your wishes and wait for our offer. We would be happy to guide you regarding the choice of car and the rental time. 

Our service includes:

  • Creating a concept
  • Consulting on-site
  • Composing a car
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Car registration (we take over the registration costs)
  • Handling of repair and its costs
  • Handling of summer tires and their costs
  • Handling of winter tires
  • Payment of the car tax
  • Registration at GEZ and payment of the radio licence fees
  • Handling of traffic tickets (excluding the costs)
  • Automobile insurance (Liability-, Fully comprehensive- with self-participation)
  • Handling of the accident service